Misc. news 7 January  
  Gamebrink.com found some new pictures from the DS version of SimCity. In this version, Will Wright plays an advisory role.
Find the pics here: Gamebrink DS pics
The Escapist posted an interesting article about the early years of Maxis. Most of the article is about Sim City and SimAnt.
Find the article here: Escapist article
Thanks to SimGlobal for finding it.

  Keynote address 31 January  
  Gamasutra.com brings the news that Wright will give a keynote address at the 2007 ScreenBurn Festival. This event will be held from March 9-13 in Austin, Texas.
Read the article here: Gamasutra.com

  Another speech 3 February  
  Next-Gen.biz bring the news that Wright will give a presentation called "I am not alone in this universe", about building the Spore team. The speach will be hold on the DICE summit next Thursday, February 8.
Read the article here: Next-gen.biz

  Gaming: 2012 16 May  
  The New Yorker posted a video where Will Wright shows the Spore game but also talks alot about game design.
See the movie here: The New Yorker

  Wright: Too many sequels 8 July  
  Kotaku posted a small post where they quote a German article where Wright says that there are too many sequels.
Read the article here: Kotaku.com

  Wright inducted into BAFTA Fellowship 16 October  
  Will Wright will shortly join an exclusive number of household names from TV and Film as he becomes the first recipient of the Fellowship from the video games industry at the British Academy Video Games Awards 2007. The Fellowship is the highest accolade the Academy can bestow on an individual for their creative work.
Read more about it here: Press release

  Wired article: Racing succes 16 October  
  Those that have seen the History section on this site have read a little bit of Wright's succes in his short racing career. But Wired now devoted a whole article on it.
Reason is an upcoming documentary about American automotive history.
Read this article here: Wired.com

  New interviews 29 October  
  Will Wright gave 2 interviews after his BAFTA award. 1 To the guardian and 1 to Gamespot UK. He talks about his favorite console Wii, the game industry in general and ofcourse Spore. Find the links below:
- The Guardian.co.uk
- Gamespot UK