Award 15 December  
  The Producers Guild of America announced that Will Wright will recieve the 2007 Vanguard Award. Here's a part of the press release:

"The Producers Guild of America is pleased to announce that the 2007 Vanguard Award will be presented to celebrated game designer Will Wright whose creative vision has inspired some of the most critically acclaimed and popular video games in the short history of the medium. The Vanguard Award, which recognizes outstanding achievement in new media and technology, will be presented to Wright at the 2007 Producers Guild Awards on Saturday, January 20th at the Century Plaza."
Read more about it here: Kotaku.com

  Misc. news 2 December  
  The last few weeks, there was quite some Will Wright news. Here are all the latest link with info:

Will Wright's history
The New Yorker posted a large summary of Will Wright's history. In this article you can find many details from his youth. I will update this site with this info later. The article starts with some Spore info, the history part on page 2.
Find it here: Thenewyorker article

Wright's inspirations
kottke.org wrote up a bibliography of things that inspired Will Wright throughout his life. Like the book of Jay Wright Forrester 'Urban Dynamics' and the movie titled 'Powers of ten'.
Find it here: Kottke.org

Shigeru Miyamoto article
Will Wright wrote up an article on Shigeru Miyamoto for Time Asia. Wright has worked alot with him during the conversion of Sim City for the Super Nintendo and has much respect for Miyamoto original ideas.
Find this article here: Time.com

Colbert Report
And lastly, Kotaku.com comes with the news that Wright will appear on Colbert Report coming monday, December 4.
Find it here: Kotaku.com

  Maxis.com returned 25 November  
  Alittle while ago, I wrote that the official Maxis site was removed. Not long after that message, Maxis.com has returned. Interestingly though is that it happened after an interview from Joystick with Chaim Gingold and Chris Hecker who both work at Maxis.
In that interview Joystick actually asked about the website and shortly thereafter, the site returned. Joystick even made a mention of that fact:

"Sometime after this interview was conducted, however, Maxis.com was re-branded as the official Maxis website, containing links to official Maxis games, and a timeline of the company and its releases. Coincidence?".

Find this interview here: Joystick article

  No more Maxis? 4 November  
  It's a sad thing to report but it seems that Maxis has been finally 'eaten' by EA. The official Maxis website is no longer online, no more Maxis logo on the Sims games startup or the boxes.
The only place to find the logo is on the official Spore and Simcity sites. It may not be there for much longer though. Here's a small history list with the most important moments of Maxis:
1987: Maxis founded
1989: Maxis' first game Simcity is released
1994: Maxis going public
1997: Maxis aquired by Electronic Arts
2001: The Sims is released and becomes the best selling PC game of all time
2004: The Sims 2 is released
2006: EA removes all Maxis branding from the Sims games

  Will Wright makes "Digital 50" Top 5 23 October  
  Joystick comes with the news that Will Wright was placed in the number 5 position in the list of 50 most innovative producers in the field of Digital Entertainment.
That's quite an achievement and so a big congratulations to Will Wright for this.
Find the story here: Joystick article

  Will in Sim City DS 23 September  
  ToastyFrog.com comes with the news that a Will Wright caricature will be working in an advisory role for players in Sim City 3000 for DS.
Find the article here: Wright in Simcity DS

  New article 16 September  
  A couple days ago, Wright gave a speech at an event in London to promote BAFTA's new videogames awards ceremony. He also had a Q&A.
The printed out speech is quite long and also a bit complicated at some points, but you may want to read it anyway. Here's part of it:

"When I played Grand Theft Auto, I didn't really play the missions that they had in the game. I had this guy, and I gave him a name, and he kind of walked around the neighbourhood, and I would explore, and he'd learn to ride a bike...

I basically created my whole own story about this guy that I named Mo, to me that was the meaningful story in this game, and I enjoyed it even more than the existing missions and storyline structure of the game."

Find the entire article and the Q&A here:
- Thinking Big article
- Q&A

  Site news 11 September  
  The past few days, I've been updating the site a bit. First of all, the Titles (like News) are a different font. This one is a bit sharper. Also all the text is now placed inside a yellow 'box', which looks much nicer and cleaner. And lastly, in the History section, under every part is now a link to the next page.

  Site news 10 September  
  Today I updated the Guestbook to the latest version. It was invaded by Spambots and so near impossible to show the normal messages.
Unfortunately since this was such a new version, it was not possible to keep the old messages.

  Site news 2 July  
  I decided to come back to my decission about not updating this site with news. The reason is that there is quite alot of Will Wright news and it would be wise to mention that here.

Also this site will have some updates, be it just changes or whole new sections.

Will Wright Fansite
  Welcome to the un-official Will Wright Fansite. On this site you can find everything there is to know about Will Wright. Pictures, interviews and much more. It's not completely finished like the History, but the important parts are ready.
Also the guestbook will be integrated into the site but that will take some more time.

I made this site because (to my knowledge) there isn't a fansite for Will Wright yet. I could just made this a section on the Snooty Sims site, but I think he deserves a site that is completely dedicated to him.

This site won't be updated with news; It's merely a place to find info about Will Wright. The unfinished sections will be made ready in the coming weeks and when new info, like interviews, show up, it will be added.