Will gives masterclasses 12 February, 2019 
  For those wondering what Will Wright is currently up to, I found this interesting page at Masterclass.com. It seems Wright is giving masterclasses on Game Design and Theory.
In 21 lessons, he teaches things like early prototyping, game mechanics and the future of game design.
Check out the page here: Masterclass.com

  Small update 4 February, 2019 
  Since this site wasn't touched for several years, some links got outdated. I checked every single page and updated all the links.
Also, I've added the old Snootysims guestbook. Though that site is gone, the guestbook was still intact so it can be used here for those who want to post a message. I plan to change it into Wright colors soon.

  Server change 29 January, 2019 
  As you can see the date, this site hasn't really been up to date much. Though this is still mostly an info site, a few updates here and there should be expected. I can't promise anything, but I hope to occasionally post something new here.
As the title says, the site has moved servers. After the termination of Snooty Sims, I moved my remaining sites to a smaller server as they are not very high traffic. I'm still debating to bring back Snootysimgames and put all the old info from the older Sims games there. Not sure about that yet.
Well to end this message; Welcome to all old and maybe new visitors to the site. Hope you like all the info about the man who brought us some of the greatest videogames ever made!

  Wright about new Sim City 3 March, 2013 
  Here's a video with Will Wright where he talks about the new Sim City. Wright about new Sim City

  Critical Path 2 August, 2012 
  Over 120 small clips from several games like Civilization, Disney's Epic Mickey and World of Warcraft can be seen at the recently launched Critical Path documentary website. And ofcourse Will Wright is there too!
Check it here: Critical Path Wright clip

  New interview 10 July, 2012 
  GamesIndustry had a big interview with Will Wright where he talks about multi-platforms and cloud gaming.
Go see it here: Interview

  Interview 3 January, 2012 
  Will Wright has given a new interview on his upcoming new game HiveMind. He tells how he came up with the idea and how the game works.
Check it here: Yahoo news article

  HiveMind 23 December, 2011 
  New article from msnbc.com on Wright's new game Hivemind: New article

  HiveMind 24 November, 2011 
  Though Will Wright has left Maxis, he didn't stop making games. His next project is called HiveMind.
Read everything about this game in the following article and interview: Article - Interview

  Restart 24 November, 2011 
  Another shot at restarting this site. Reason is that there's a new game coming from Will Wright, called HiveMind. I will be following the development of this new game extensively here.
Also, there's a Twitter account where you can easily be kept up to date about both this site and news from Will Wright. Check the link on the right for this.

  Article 16 February, 2011 
  CNN posted an article where Wright explains that games are not good for story telling.
Check the article here: CNN interview

  Wright leaves Maxis 9 April, 2009 
  Everybody was speculating what Will Wright's next project was after Spore. Well, his next move is that he will leave Maxis/EA and will focus a lot more on his hobby project Stupid Fun Club.
You can read a lot about this Club here: Stupid Fun Club info
And the press release of this move can be found here: Press release

  Interview 26 March  
  Oreilly Radar had an interesting interview with Will Wright. They talk about his very early beginnings all the way up to Sims 3 and his future plans (though he won't reveal what they are though).
Check it here: New interview

  New interview 23 March 
  Scientific American posted an interview where Wright answers questions about robotics.
Find this interview here: Scientific American Q & A

  No.3 best game creator 8 March 
  IGN did a list of the best 100 game creators. Will Wright was placed at No.3! Here's the top 3:
1: Shigery Miyamoto
2: Sid Meier
3: Will Wright
Check Wright's place here: IGN list

  Will Wright Selected as SIGGRAPH Keynote Speaker 5 March 
  EA sent out a press release stating that Will Wright will be a keynote speaker at SIGGRAPH.
SIGGRAPH 2009 will bring together thousands of computer graphics and interactive technology professionals to New Orleans, Louisiana, USA from 3-7 August at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.
Check the news here: Press release

  Contact 2 March 
  I occasionally get mails from people with the question for contacting Will Wright. Since this is not an official fansite, I don't have any means of contacting him. So for more clarification, I added a small notice about this fact on the right side of this site.

  Charity design 15 February  
  Too bad I missed this one, else I might have bid for it! Will Wright made a design for a charity organization. It's a schematic circuitry design and looks pretty cool.
Check it out here: Pushing the Envelope

  Birthday 20 January  
  Congratulations to Will Wright as January 20, he turned 49!

  Video interview 19 January 
  And here is yet another video interview. This time from GameTrailers. It comes in 2 parts; In the first, Wright talks about Spore. In the second he's asked about the future of gaming.
Check it here: Video 1 - Video 2

  Video interview 13 January 
  Some time ago, Will Wright gave a video interview to Gamevideos where he talks about some of Spore features.
Check it here: Gamevideos.com

  Apple store visit 5 January 
  A small, somewhat old newsitem but still interesting; A press release was sent out by EA just because of Will Wright visiting an Apple store (to demo his Spore game). This visit was at June 21st though.
Check the details here: Mercurynews.com