New interview 19 January  
  Rockpapershotgun.com posted a very big interview with Will Wright. In it, he talks about how the development about The Sims game went.
Find it here: Rockpapershotgun.com

  Birthday 20 January  
  Congratulations to Will Wright as January 20 he turned 48!

  New interview 20 February  
  IconEye had an interview with Wright where he talks about people that inspired him by his game creation. Also he talks about user-generated content and how important that is in his games.
Read it here: Iconeye.com

  GDC talk 23 February  
  Wright made several talks at the GDC. The following talk does not concern Spore but here he talks about a lot of different things, like James Bond, Star Wars, Sims, etc. He even talks about his childhood where he mentioned he was really scared of Godzilla. Watch the talk here: Podtech.net

  Site news 6 April  
  A small site update. There is now a news archive where the older newsposts are being placed. For now, all the news from 2006 and before is placed there.
- News archive

  Site news 7 April  
  A new addition to the Hobbies section, namely books. Maybe an odd subject but books are a very important part in Wright's life.
Check it here: Books

  New interview 8 April  
  It is of some weeks ago, but Gamespot posted a very interesting video interview with Will Wright. He talks about the very beginning; his youth, education and how he started in games.
Watch it here: Gamespot interview

  Will Wright: Curator? 10 April  
  Kotaku brings the news that Will Wright has signed on for co-curator for an upcoming museum exhibition in Vancouver. This exhibition will show the worlds of anima, comics and video games. Wright will also show a Spore preview there.
Read more about it here: Kotaku article

  Will Wright speaks at NASA 11 April  
  Another article on Wright from Kotaku; He will speak at NASA's upcoming Yuri's Night Celebration in the Bay Area this Saturday. This Yuri's Night is an annual celebration of space exploration.
Read more about it here: Kotaku article

  A challenge with Spore 20 April  
  Yahoo posted a small article about some of the problems Wright had to overcome with Spore. Here's a quote from the article:
"It is more of a social experiment," Wright said. "Science, economics, sociology, things like that are very fun to simulate in the computer."
Find the article here: Yahoo article

  Interview 2 May  
  The Guardian had an interview with Will Wright where they talk about Spore but also a bit about his past:

"My focus started shifting more and more to players, and what they were doing," he says, "Because I found that fundamentally as interesting, or more interesting, than the actual games [was] parallel play. Sitting and looking at what someone else has done with the same game as you is fundamentally interesting to me."

Check the interview here: Guardian interview